Does your birthday suit your personality?

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Well, since today is my 29th birthday, which happens to fall on a Sunday this year—my first year of doing blog Sundays, I thought I’d go with a birthday question.

Q: Does your birthday suit your personality?

A: In many ways, I think it does. Like lots of people, I have always enjoyed the holidays and usually spend my birthday doing something Christmas related. Or even if I don’t, there are always Christmas trees and decorations and festive music everywhere during my birthday. So, that feels comforting. I guess it’s kind of sucky that sometimes my birthday is lost or overlooked during the whole Christmas season, though it’s a couple weeks in advance so it’s not too bad. Plus, if we’re talking about it “suiting me” then being overlooked or “disappearing” as mentioned in my blog about selective mutism (here), then it totally suits me!

I’m a fire sign and I really love fire. Fires during the winter are just the best. I’m always cold and find so much comfort in cozying up and anything heat-related. But, I probably would seem like more of an Earth sign since I’m such a nature and animal lover and am all holistic and stuff. I also really like the water…and let’s throw in air. I guess every sign encompasses nature so it makes sense I would feel them all, but fire is cool.

I’m also a sagittarius, which feels fitting in some ways and not at all in others. There’s a lot about sagittariuses liking to be the center of attention and being super outgoing and that really couldn’t seem any more off. They also are independent (not really me), and their honesty causes them to be impatient or express themselves in a tactless way—a socially unacceptable way. LOL, no, not me. But then there are the qualities of creativity and artistry and a deep curiosity, and those I obviously connect with. Also the love of outdoors and philosophy. Very me. So, I guess it’s normal that not every individual would feel totally in tune with each quality of their sign, but I also like that the sagittarius is a half horse-half person. I like weird things, and that’s weird.

So, whether it suits me or not, it’s here for another year. And one thing I don’t like that much about my birthday right now is that this is my last year in my twenties! Scary stuff.

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