What are your worst habits?

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Everyone (but especially writers) has plenty of bad habits that they would simply love to ignore. That’s not possible of course. I feel mine tightening around me every…day. So, why not draw attention to all of them this week?

Q: What are your worst habits?

A: There are just so many to choose from! The first one that always comes to mind is nail biting. And not even so much biting, more peeling. Peeling my gel manicure off when it has only been on for a week. Every. Time. This really isn’t that big of a deal, but also, it is. In fact, about 5 1/2 of my nails are missing polish right now; it’ll all be gone before bed.

Another is sleeping too much. I go to bed pretty early these days and yet I don’t wake up that early either. Then I feel like there is simply not enough time in the day because there isn’t, it’s a fact, especially when I spend so much of it thinking I should be doing something else while sitting and staring into space.

Spending entirely too much time browsing online shopping without even purchasing anything. Or even worse, when I do purchase things. We’ve all been there. I spend a lot of time on Amazon. I think I spent like over an hour trying to decide which Halloween costume to order my dog, and taking his measurements for the argyle sweater that didn’t even fit him because he’s massive and nothing fits him.

I’m a procrastinator. I could go on about all the things I find to do that aren’t writing or editing when that’s really what I want to do but just can’t bring myself to! I’ll work for a while and then get pretty sidetracked for a while, moseying around online or around the house. I have organized my coffee and teas in jars, straightened up my closet, cleaned out the refrigerator, and tinted my eyebrows many times when what I needed was to sit down at the computer and work. I always get to it eventually, but how much less of a battle it would be if I could simply apply right away.

I am really organized (I mean, duh, my coffees and teas are in labeled jars) but time management probably isn’t my biggest strength. I start to get overwhelmed and feel guilty without setting myself a clear plan for each day. I have realized it’s definitely something important for people to practice, especially when they work for themselves or from home, and especially as they get busier. I know a lot of the right things to do, it’s just putting them into practice! Like anything else, I suppose. If you have mastered it, I commend you. And if you have any tips I haven’t heard about, please share!

I guess self-guilt is good in a way to keep us getting things done, but it can also be never-ending anxiety and stress. Let’s give ourselves permission to chill sometimes.

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