A series of This or That questions

Q&A With Shay Each Sunday

This week instead of doing my usual format of one question with a long explanatory answer, I’m going to answer a series of “this or that” type questions without much further explanation. I’d love to know what some of your answers are too, so feel free to share!

Q: Fiction or Non-Fiction?

A: Fiction

Q: Coffee or Tea?


Q: Books or Movies?

A: Both? The book is obviously usually better when the movie is based on it, but I love movies, too.

Q: Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

A: Not really either honestly, but I like some books/movies/shows within each. I’d say I guess fantasy because Harry Potter, but I’m also pretty fascinated by turns of events that have to do with science—I just don’t understand it that well always because I can’t science much. I’m more of a realistic fiction kind of girl.

Q: New York or South Carolina?

A: New York—specifically Long Island, but the people are *generally* nicer in SC.

Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: Kind of cats, but definitely both. I love my pupper!

Q: Ocean or Lake?


Q: Instagram or Facebook?

A: Instagram

Q: Summer or Winter?

A: Summer

Q: Phone call or text?

A: Ha! Have you learned anything about me yet? TEXT.

Q: Pop or rock?

A: ROCK forever.

Q: Rather receive email or letter?

A: I’d way rather receive a handwritten letter, especially because I don’t think it’s happened to me since I was like 12, other than thank you notes. Feel free to ever send me a letter!

Q: Passenger or driver?

A: Probably passenger, even if I don’t like the other person’s driving (ahem, Pat).

Q: Funny or Intelligent?

A: Intelligent humor

Q: City or Countryside?

A: Countryside

Q: Book or eBook?

A: Book. Kindle has its purposes and is easy, but nothing like a book in the hand!

Q: Reading or Writing?

A: Writing.

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