What do you usually do for Easter?

Q&A With Shay Each Sunday

Happy Easter, everyone! Holidays make topics easy, so let’s talk about that. I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions, too!

Q: What do you usually do for Easter?

A: I’ve never really had any holiday traditions growing up. Back in December I posted about Christmas traditions, which there weren’t many of, and Easter is along the same lines. My mom always used to get us Easter baskets, like most kids probably. And I remember being upset when she told us we were too old for baskets! It’s probably for the best since I try to limit my food indulgences. I used to LOVE peeps, but I don’t think I’d like them anymore. Even taste buds change with age I suppose.

I sometimes went to mass with my best friend’s family growing up, and we used to bring her sister’s son to the Easter egg hunt. I must have taken part in a few Easter egg hunts but I don’t really remember, I just know there’s a picture floating around of me, my sister, and our cousin with a rather scary rabbit. Why do they always look scary?

I have probably never done much for Easter because I wasn’t raised religious, or rather with a “specific” religion. I like religion for the community and connection it brings with others, but I don’t agree with every single thing about it (especially when people use it as an excuse for hate, judgement, or violence) so I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I don’t identify with any one religion, but I believe in God. My best friend’s family was Catholic so I spent a lot of time going to church with them, and I would even participate in lent with her each year. I also loved pizza Fridays at her house, which was another tradition brought about by lent and the whole no meat thing. That was never an issue for me since I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life. So religion was more about the community, connection, and tradition for me. I really love traditions, I just don’t personally have a ton. My family and I would usually do something for Easter like go to brunch or lunch or dinner, but it wasn’t a huge event.

Today, Pat and I went to Easter brunch at The Good Life Cafe (vegan cafe) and we had delicious vegan waffles, biscuits, and tempeh sausage. And lots of coffee (for me) of course. Then we took our dog to Lake Murray and hung out by the water. We’re going to a friend’s tonight where Pat will probably make up for having breakfast at a vegan cafe *eye roll*. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but a nice relaxing day nonetheless, and I still find time to reflect on what the day means. I’m also taking the day off from writing and working—I usually still work on the weekends, so I’ll be back fresh tomorrow! It was as good of an Easter as any to me. I hope everyone else’s was great, too.