Do you do anything for the Super Bowl?

Q&A With Shay Each Sunday

Since tonight is Super Bowl night and I’m running a bit behind on my post I figured I’d go with that theme, even though I don’t care much about football. This picture is from the first NFL game I ever went to three years ago (I’ve only been to two) Jets—and we got to go on the field!—and Panthers.

Q: Do you do anything for the Super Bowl?

A: Actually tonight I am flying during the game. I’m heading back to NY for the week and I didn’t realize I made my ticket during the Super Bowl (shows how much I care, right?) Usually I don’t do much for it anyway. It’s just another excuse for drinks and snacks—that’s what I’m there for. We’ve had people over and we’ve gone to others’ houses for it, so no real traditions. But I do typically watch it—I use the word “watch” loosely.

My sister and I make this amazing chip dip and the Super Bowl is usually an excuse to make it, so it’s probably for the best that I won’t be tempted by it tonight (it’s not very healthy).

Also, my mom is a big fan of Super Bowl boxes and she always gets several for us to share, so it’s fun to root for the numbers in the score at the end of each quarter, even if I don’t know exactly what I’m rooting for. Also, apparently in the south they don’t do Super Bowl boxes? Most of the people we’ve met here in SC don’t know what they are! And if they have heard of them then they call them “squares.” Cultural differences across the country are so interesting, aren’t they?

It’s kind of funny that I don’t care that much about football, and yet in my YA novel FRACTURED the narrator is a football star. It has made writing it a bit challenging at times when I’m not totally sure of the rules, so usually I ask Pat (pictured) if certain things related to football that I’ve written make sense. Just a couple weeks ago I asked him, “So the QB is going to a tight end, that’s right, right?” He said, “Yes, they can catch the football.” LOL. The book isn’t really about football but it’s a big part of this character’s life. He is the stereotypical popular jock, and since the only sport I know inside and out is tennis, I hate to say it isn’t usually a sport people relate to “coolness.” I guess because no one is ramming into anyone else with full force, who knows. I can however relate to being a dedicated athlete (not anymore though) so it hasn’t been challenging to get into his mindset in that way.

So, this year during the Super Bowl I will probably be writing (so there will be football in my life! Still going a bit crazy editing FRACTURED) or reading on the plane, probably listening to a screaming child—because let’s face it, planes are riddled with those, and I will be constantly wondering “Are we there yet??”

I might make it home for the end of the game, and I’ll definitely be checking those quarter end scores! Hope everyone has a fun Super Bowl with good snacks and drinks! See ya later, football season.