Can you share something you’ve been working on?

Q&A With Shay Each Sunday

Q: Can you share something you’ve been working on?

A: For the last few weeks I’ve been compiling some of my poems—both new and old. I’m working on putting a whole book together. I also want to share some new content! So without giving too much writing away, this week I’ll share a poem with you that will be in my upcoming book of poetry. I’d love to hear what you think!

Soundless Scream

 I feel you as much as the shadow

stirring along the floor

when he enters my mind

and seals it with



I hear you as much as the silhouette

that slinks silently.


Not one creak in the wood,

but he scrapes against my brain,




My breath holds still.

I forget to let the air out

or in.


He paces on my chest

with feet viscous and deliberate.


I feel you,

pressing existence out

through the seams of my skin.

soundless scream.jpg