Where do you write?

Q&A With Shay Each Sunday

Q: Where do you write?

A: I used to immediately answer this question with “Starbucks.” I think I wrote pretty much my whole first book and most of my second there, plus have done tons of editing and short story writing at Starbucks. Side note: my drink of choice is a grande soy latte, iced or hot depending on the weather.

Now, I do a lot more of my work at home. I’m not sure exactly why this is. I kind of got into the habit once I finished my second book because I wasn’t really working on any big writing projects for a while after that. Now, I feel like my writing setting might be in a bit of a slump. I haven’t found a huge way to get myself back into it since finishing my second book, so possibly getting out more again is a way to do that. I do love to write at the table outside on the deck at my parents’ house in New York when I’m there in summer. It’s one of my favorite places and something about it must be inspiring to my writing process. I’m a big appreciator of nature and peacefulness.

Maybe I stopped going to Starbucks as much to write because it’s always so freezing there? I’m one of those people who is horribly cold all the time and how could I possibly focus on my characters saying and doing what they’re supposed to while I’m trying to fight off frostbite? Even with a hot latte in hand.

So, basically, I guess the best spots to write vary for me. There is something really charming about setting yourself up in a coffee shop or cafe with your laptop, looking all inspired. But, I think maybe the setting doesn’t matter as much as we give it credit for if the ideas are flowing freely.

I’m currently writing this post at home on the couch. My hair is in disarray and my dog is snoring nearby. So maybe not the best writing influence…or is it?