The Blue World


The waves crashed on the sand, striping the shore with salt. The waves were glistening beneath the yellow sun. The girl sat on the shore, letting waves crash on her skin. Sand and salt glossed her skin with each crash. The girl was glistening, her yellow hair free to wave in the light breeze. The girl was free as long as she was sitting beneath the sun in the striped blue sky, feeling mist. Water sprayed her skin. Salt on her lips. She was a glistening bead of water in the blue sea. She was a bead of salt on a sandy shore. She was as free as the waves beneath the yellow sun. She was as light as the wind along the sea, striping the world in sand. The sun crashed upon the shore and broke the blue waves. Yellow water glossed across the sky, the girl was free. Salt on her lips. The waves crashed on the sand. The sand striped the breeze, broken beads of water salting the sky. The girl was free as the water. The water was free as the sun. The waves were free to break the world beneath the sky.


The Blue World was published in Belleville Park Pages in June 2014.

Copyright 2014