Shay’s work has appeared in the following publications



October 2018

Winter swept through the pharmacy like a virus.


"You Were There"

April 2018


I wanted to be capable of destroying you—to matter so much.


"Riven Soul"

July 2017

Nothing to preoccupy him when he was still.


"Carlin, David"

October 2016

... before I hit the ground. I remembered silent blackness.


"Don't Quiet Down Please"

June 2016

We live in a world where exterior success and image is valued over who we are on the inside.


"Stranger in the snow" 

May 2016

Sounds more like you’re writing a novel than living in the real world.



September 2014

He’s gone and I’m floating in a river. Ripples of muddy water pass by my bed.


"The Blue World"

June 2014

The girl was free as the water. The water was free as the sun. The waves were free to break the world beneath the sky.


"Jenna Styles Ponders College"

June 2014

A 50 zillion year-old woman wearing a tweed polka dot suit is walking toward me. I cannot believe the fashion industry would let this happen.


"The Red Creek"

June 2014

It was a tug of war between little blond twelve-year-old and deceiving alien-like mud.



October 2013

It’s not a book I’m writing, it’s a life sentence.


"Absent Sunshine"

september 2011

Green grass
Through the panes of time
Bright rays have not
Delivered themselves upon
The untouched land